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We can’t answer who the first black student is. Community rumor has it that they don’t want to be recognized and even if we went through admission records, my understanding is that information on ethnicity didn’t appear on those forms in those years. I’ve attached a list where best guesses were made.
Time line on campus can be found here.

Some questions can be answered by reading this History of Augusta College especially to clarify when female students were admitted to the Junior College

First yearbook that has women for the Junior College is

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HI Carol,
Thanks again for your help with this! The online materials have been a wealth of information.

I wanted to also ask you have dates on the following that you could send me:
1st African American student
1st female student

Do you know if there is a timeline anywhere that lists when buildings/campuses were opened?

Thank you!

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The Jr. College of Augusta material is going to be found in the Academy of Richmond County Yearbooks. To understand the history of ASU you need to understand that ARC and Tubman High school has long been considered part of our historical antecedents. The first White Columns is 1958 which is the first year the Jr. College has a separate campus. Prior to this the Jr. College was conducted on the high school campus so you want to look in all issues of the Rainbow to 1957 and The ARC from 1926. These are all available on line; all available yearbooks have been digitized. There will be no yearbooks after 1993

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Thanks, Carol! I see that the yearbooks appear to go back to the early you have any in hard copy that go back earlier??

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Ms. Moores,
Thank you for letting me know about the project you are freelancing for. You will be able to access the ASU yearbooks online at the Internet Archive as well as our catalogs and a core of historical press releases as well as “The History of Augusta College” by Dr. Edward Cashin and Dr. Helen Callahan. I strongly suggest reading the history to develop background on the institution.
To access these materials you may use the either of the following:

Direct page link When the results display, use the text box on the right and choose sort by date to impose more order

In any web browser type Reese Library. In the left text box under find information choose Special Collections Finding Aids. At the top of this page, choose Special Collections Home, choose digital projects, choose Internet Archives. When the results display, use the text box on the right and choose sort by date to impose more order.

In any web brower, type Internet Archive. In the search box type “ Augusta State University” Again, When the results display, use the text box on the right and choose sort by date to impose more order.

Please be aware, there is more material than has been digitized for this site. I would strongly suggest consulting “The BellRinger” the student newspaper, and various other student publication.

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Thanks for the information, Carol.

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Cowboy Mike,
I’m gonna bill you my overtime.
Going on the pictorial evidence (which is not conclusive because you can’t make someone get their
yearbook pict done as regards students and yearbook editors were a bit random about how they
defined faculty) the best we g this.

From White Columns 1967 Freshmen Judith H. Sullivan, Sophomore Barbara Harley. Judith does not
appear later

First Black “Freshman Class” 1968
Lillie Butler George Cofer Harris Cornell Collis Brown Sylvia Grant Marie Edwards? Beverley Gordon
Theresa Gordon
Barbara Harley (Appears as both freshmen and sophomore in this edition) Donovan Harris (Miss)
Lawrence Harrison Howard Johnson Willie Johnson Annie Jones
Neely Lourdes Timothy Marshall Ronald Mills
Pat Pierce
Annette Saunders
Bobby Scott
Janie Walton

Possibly a black instructor in education in 1968 no names on page

1970 Black student appears on photograph page of Who’s Who. No students are named
Instructors –
!971 – Joseph D. Green Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities
1971 Roscoe Williams Assistant Dean of Students


First professional black staff V. Pennamor Admissions Counselor p. 174 1971 White Columns

First black AC beauty queen Miss Sylvia Grant 1970 Miss Christmas Belle

First black instructors
1975 Mr. David Duncan, Business Administration
Mr. Robert Cannon History Political Science and Philosophy

You can verify at‐reese

Best I can do.

Thanks, Carol